Wednesday, May 17, 2017


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Thank you to our parents and children for an amazing school year at WIPP! 
We have loved spending our mornings with your children and watching them learn, play, and grow. We hope you all enjoy a wonderful and relaxing summer!
Ms. Jen & Ms. Didi

Friday, May 12, 2017

Last Week of School

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Can you believe it?!?! 
We are finishing up our fun year at WIPP!  
We've spent our final days at school exploring bugs, plants, and enjoying time with our preschool friends!

We got creative in our "Build A Bug" center.

The swatters came out for a fun sight word game. We listened closely for the different sight words and swatted them before they got away.

We explored some insects and used magnifying glasses to take a closer look at the details on each of the bugs.


We read about the parts of a plant and even labeled them ourselves.

We also talked about what a plant needs to grow. We made sure our flowers had sunlight, water, air and soil.
We enjoyed some of our favorite things during these last few days: sand table, playdough, games, dress up, Legos, bead bracelets, and stencils to name a few.



It was fun to celebrate our friends with summer birthdays this week too!
Happy Summer Birthdays!

Share bag has been a big hit in our classroom this year, so we decided to have a Share Day! Each child brought in something to share with the class. After everyone had a chance to share, we enjoyed some time to look closely and play with our favorite things.

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